Global Tapestry Project

The Global Tapestry Project is a media initiative designed to showcase fact-based stories that illustrate the strengths and positive benefits diversity brings to our communities in North Dakota and Minnesota.

Employment and Training

Afro American Development Association (AADA) is dedicated to finding employment opportunities for New Americans living in the Fargo-Moorhead area. AADA knows that for families to be self-sufficient, steady employment is necessary. Not only does AADA assist New Americans by providing job search skills training and employment counseling, AADA employment specialists also consult with area businesses to develop opportunities for adults and youth to learn and build new through apprenticeships, internships, and on-the-job training.


We here at AADA know that in order to succeed all people deserve to have a safe and secure roof over their heads, however, navigating the housing process can be confusing for those recently arrived. That is where AADA steps in to help by assisting New Americans in navigating the process of finding and sustaining affordable housing.

English Language Learner Classes (ELL)

In the New American community, ELL needs are not confined to just children. English skills are important to adults for finding employment, integration in the community, and building confidence. AADA provides ELL classes to both adults and youth, ensuring a brighter future for all New Americans we serve.

Somali Youth Program

AADA engages Somali youth age 14-24 in shaping a positive future through discovering their unique talents and abilities by experiencing meaningful activities, education, building career awareness, and accessing valuable work experiences. Youth can build a career pathway to secure higher wages and expanded occupational opportunities in their futures.


Our project will help the New Americans in areas of workforce development, transportation, and housing. OBT bought the van for AADA to give a ride to New Americans to our weekend class, jobs, and afterschool program. We are excited and the van will start working on this weekend

After School Services

For the children of New Americans, we offer services and activities following the end of their school day. These services can include tutoring, mentoring and having a space just to hang out. They benefit from spending time socializing and learning from volunteers in a safe and welcoming environment.